Firstly, you just need to go to the link that you've been provided with either via email or through the club or fishery website.

From here, enter your email address and click "Continue", if you don't have a profile yet you'll need to provide your details by clicking the "Not got an account?" option.

Once you've entered your details, you just need to view the terms and conditions and then view the privacy policy and confirm this by ticking the boxes.

Complete the "Contact preferences" and "Where did you hear about us?" then click "Save and continue."

You should now see the dashboard. From here, you just need to go to the "Start a new membership" option and click on that.

This will provide you with all of the available membership options. Click the applicable option, this will then display the details for this membership type.

Click on "Select membership" from here, Then need to enter your personal details.

Once you have entered personal details, you just need to add a profile picture. If you click on "Add profile picture", this will then give you the option to either use a webcam or to choose a file.

Click "Save and continue", this will then prompt you to purchase any additional ad-ons such as a gate key or a map book depending on the fishery or club and the options that are available. Now click "Continue" .

You will now be asked to pay by debit or credit card. You can do this by clicking the "Add card" .

Once you've entered your card details on Stripe and you've clicked "Save card", the payment will now process.

Your membership purchase for your club or your fishery is complete.

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