Clubmate makes it possible for a member to set up and manage additional member profiles from within their own member portal access (all under one email address).

Each profile will have it's own member record created within Clubmate however it can only be accessed online via the main account holders member portal access.

The original idea behind this feature was to provide parents with the ability to create their Childs profile and then purchase a membership on their behalf, however it could just as easily work for any member that wants to act on behalf of someone that doesn’t have an email address or doesn't want to go online themselves eg, Husband & Wife, Grandfather & Granddaughter or just a friend helping out a neighbour without an email address.

With this functionality, it is possible for a member to create an additional new member profile and manage their details in exactly the same way they manage their own details. They will be able to add personal details, upload a photo, purchase a membership, make a payment (using a different card to their own if they want) and make a booking. All from within their own profile.

When you log-in to your profile, you will see an option to 'add another member/child'

(a closer look below 👇)

If you want to create an additional member profile (for a child, relative or friend) you need to click on 'Add another member/child'.

You'll then be prompted to add the additional members name before confirming that you are aware that this member will be managed under the same email address.

After clicking register, you will be taken straight to the new members profile and will then be able to add the personal details of the new member, add a photo, purchase a membership or make a booking on their behalf.

Once the details have been added and relevant actions taken eg, purchase a membership, the main account holder can either add another member, switch back to their profile or sign out.

To add another member, you should click on 'Add another member/child' and then follow the same process as above.

To switch back to your own profile (or to another members profile that you manage), you need to click on 'Select another member/child'

You can then select which account you want to view.

NOTE: You can always see which profile you are viewing at the top of the screen.

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