To start you just need to click on the link that’s been provided either via the club / fishery website, or via an email that you may have been sent regarding renewal.

From the club login page you will need to enter the email address you previously provided to the club before clicking "Continue" from here.

If you've not logged into your account previously, a one-time password will have been emailed now, and this will allow you access to the service.

You need to enter the one time password and then click "Continue".

This presents you with the terms and conditions and privacy policy. You then need to read these and tick these boxes to confirm acceptance, plus select your contact preferences.

You'll now be asked to create a new password if one has not been set previously. Ensure that the two passwords match, then click on the "Change password" option.

If the club or fishery membership is due for renewal, you can see the "Renew now" button in the middle of the screen. If you click on that button, it will show the membership options available to you.

Click on the appropriate option, this will provide details of the membership. Then click on "Select membership".

Once you have entered your personal details and checked the information is correct, you need to add a profile picture. This is important if your club is using our ID card service as you will not receive your card if you do not upload a photo.

Click the "add a profile picture" button, you'll have the option to use a webcam photo or to choose a file and upload. Please ensure your photograph meets the requirements and is a clear passport style photo of your face.

*if you have previously uploaded a photo, you will not be presented with this option.

Next you can choose any relevant ad-ons that your club or fishery offer.

*If your club does not offer any add-ons then this screen will not appear.

Now that you've added the membership, updated your personal details and selected any relevant add-ons, the last action is to make the payment.

Click on "Add card" and enter your card details securely before clicking on "Save card".

If you already have a saved card you'll be given the option to make a payment using this. Click "Pay using stored card" the click on "Submit payment".

This completes the purchase and the membership renewal. You will receive an email confirming your membership.

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